A Worthy Checklist #156

by Sue Hawkes

A Worthy Checklist #156

Thank you to Michael Allosso for a wake-up call in the form of a checklist from his You On Your Best Day workshop.

I was coursing through documents and revisited this one again today. It is worthy of my attention and something I’ve chosen to post in my office as a reminder. I’d like to say I’m right on track with all items on the checklist; however, I am not.

I’m grateful to be spending some time with him again in October. His lessons are worth repeating until you get them. I think I may be working on this list for my remaining years. Join me?

  • Have you really been “present” at every meeting?
  • Did you contribute to the good of the group?
  • Did you actually help anyone do his/her job better?
  • Did you do some sort of physical warm-up to begin the day?
  • Did you like your physical appearance when you left the house?
  • Did you plan to arrive at work early?
  • Did you state your objectives for the day?
  • Did you try a variety of tactics to “win” your objective?
  • Did you greet people you passed during the day?
  • Did you include a smile with each greeting?
  • Did you call people by name?
  • Did you listen before you spoke?
  • Did you precede each negative remark with a positive one?
  • Did you find at least one person you could praise with specifics?
  • Did you offer a concrete suggestion to someone to upgrade performance?
  • Did you “check in” with someone on a personal basis?
  • Did you take at least one break today?
  • Did you begin and end your day at home or on the road with something unrelated to work?
  • Did you have any fun today at all?
  • Did you raise your stakes a little higher than you normally would?
  • Was everybody with whom you came in contact today a little better afterward?
Sue HawkesA Worthy Checklist #156