All Green Lights #194

by Sue Hawkes

All Green Lights #194 Failing forward. It’s a catchy term that’s popular right now. If you’re the kind of person who’s afraid to fail or doesn’t appreciate constructive feedback, please consider the following metaphor Laura Kelly shared with me: Now, imagine being on the road with only green lights…for everyone. How would that work? It wouldn’t. Hearing only positive feedback…

Sue HawkesAll Green Lights #194

Filling the Space We Have #189

by Sue Hawkes

Filling the Space We Have #189 I bought a new truck recently. It’s larger and newer than any car or truck I’ve owned. It’s technology with wheels, a very lovely ride, and has an amazing sound system. What more could I want, right? Not so. I don’t like how big this truck is. I am learning to drive differently than…

Sue HawkesFilling the Space We Have #189

A Safe Space #188

by Sue Hawkes

A Safe Space #188 Making it safe for people to tell you the truth is a muscle worth building. We all brush by opportunities to open the door and talk about deeper subjects, difficulties, vulnerabilities, and open wounds every day. When my Mom was in her years declining from Alzheimer’s, I longed to have deeper conversations with people about how…

Sue HawkesA Safe Space #188

Don’t Wait #181

by Sue Hawkes

Don’t Wait #181 If you want something, do you wait for it? I don’t. In my twenties, when I wanted a job, I met with the owners of a small training company and expressed my interest in working for them. They told me they couldn’t afford to hire any employees at the time. Though I was disappointed, I began to…

Sue HawkesDon’t Wait #181

Where Is The Music? #179

by Sue Hawkes

Where Is The Music? #179 Recently, I was reminded of a great quote commonly attributed to Miles Davis. The quote states, “the music is in the space between the notes.” But the quote is from Claude Debussy. Space affords us the opportunity to witness beauty. Have you ever seen the moon rise? It’s an incredible experience when you can sit…

Sue HawkesWhere Is The Music? #179

Love What you Do #177

by Sue Hawkes

Love What you Do #177 What can I do to change, improve, impact, and engage others? It’s a big question. Do you wake up wondering how you can maximize your impact on yourself, your team at work, your company, your community, perhaps even the world? If not, why? What if 50% of your job was to do your job impeccably.…

Sue HawkesLove What you Do #177

10 Reasons to Get Over It #159

by Sue Hawkes

10 Reasons to Get Over It #159 The biggest opportunity to build trust is when there’s a break or absence of trust. What? It’s true. When there’s a break, disagreement, or conflict of any sort, we all cringe. No one looks forward to conflict, healthy or not. And yet, it’s the single greatest opportunity to build trust, repair the relationship,…

Sue Hawkes10 Reasons to Get Over It #159

A Worthy Checklist #156

by Sue Hawkes

A Worthy Checklist #156 Thank you to Michael Allosso for a wake-up call in the form of a checklist from his You On Your Best Day workshop. I was coursing through documents and revisited this one again today. It is worthy of my attention and something I’ve chosen to post in my office as a reminder. I’d like to say…

Sue HawkesA Worthy Checklist #156