Opportunities in Disguise #160

by Sue Hawkes

Opportunities in Disguise #160

When your core values align with your employees, clients, partners, and vendors, you can make mistakes.

When trust is high, and you’ve delivered on what you said time after time, you can make mistakes.

When you go the extra mile, especially when it’s not required or expected, you can make mistakes.

When you’ve done none of the above, don’t be surprised if it only takes one mistake to lose a relationship, an employee, a client, a partner, or a vendor. We have short memories.

Once you’ve made the mistake, regardless of your history, reinforcing core values, delivering what you say, and going the extra mile becomes a requirement to restore trust, respect, and integrity in your relationship.

When you do, you may create the kind of loyalty money can’t buy. The kind that’s been tested and proven to endure mistakes, even costly ones.

When you get it, mistakes become opportunities in disguise.

Sue HawkesOpportunities in Disguise #160