The Quieter Side Of Life #292 

by Sue Hawkes

When all is said and done, we can adapt. The new normal isn’t better or worse, it’s what it is for now.  Things will change, not always at the pace we’re experiencing right now, but they will. Change is constant.  When you accept what is, stop arguing with reality, and step into what’s happening, it can inform you.  You can…

Sue HawkesThe Quieter Side Of Life #292

It’s Fluid, Not Permanent #214

by Sue Hawkes

It’s Fluid, Not Permanent #214 Is it really failure when things don’t work? Often, we look at the lack of results as a failure, but perhaps it’s something more. I am a learner; I often refer to myself as a lifelong learner. I value reading, learning organically and in workshops, from digital sources and books—really any challenge to my thinking…

Sue HawkesIt’s Fluid, Not Permanent #214

Are You Ready To Do The Work? #196

by Sue Hawkes

Are You Ready To Do The Work? #196 If you’ve heard the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” you might apply it to being away from your loved ones and teammates as your longing for them increases while you’re away. However, there are situations where this phrase does not always apply. When you’re absent, physically, mentally, or emotionally from…

Sue HawkesAre You Ready To Do The Work? #196

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable #195

by Sue Hawkes

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable #195 Do something today that your future self will thank you for. If you’re only doing the things that are safe, comfortable or predictable, you and your life can become pretty boring. As we embark upon a new line of business at YESS! it’s making my heart beat faster, my blood pressure rises a bit while…

Sue HawkesGet Comfortable Being Uncomfortable #195

Don’t Wait #181

by Sue Hawkes

Don’t Wait #181 If you want something, do you wait for it? I don’t. In my twenties, when I wanted a job, I met with the owners of a small training company and expressed my interest in working for them. They told me they couldn’t afford to hire any employees at the time. Though I was disappointed, I began to…

Sue HawkesDon’t Wait #181

An Experiment #180

by Sue Hawkes

An Experiment #180 Imagine a day (or more) without your phone. What’s your first reaction to that suggestion? If it’s a strong, negative reaction, know that you’re addicted. When I work with teams, I ask for a device-free environment. It’s not always popular. However, it does create an environment for maximized success. Try it. See if you can forgo your…

Sue HawkesAn Experiment #180

Where Is The Music? #179

by Sue Hawkes

Where Is The Music? #179 Recently, I was reminded of a great quote commonly attributed to Miles Davis. The quote states, “the music is in the space between the notes.” But the quote is from Claude Debussy. Space affords us the opportunity to witness beauty. Have you ever seen the moon rise? It’s an incredible experience when you can sit…

Sue HawkesWhere Is The Music? #179

Space To Be #178

by Sue Hawkes

Space To Be #178 Recently, I was leading a retreat at an all-inclusive location. It was amazing, and because everything was taken care of,  it left us all to do one thing – take care of ourselves. For most leaders, that is a foreign experience. Simple things like sleep, the healthy foods which were abundantly provided, the non-digital environment which…

Sue HawkesSpace To Be #178

Sparking Action #166

by Sue Hawkes

Sparking Action #166 When you pursue a dream, a future opportunity, or a goal, all kinds of concern, worry, and fear can show up. After all, it wouldn’t be a future possibility if you already knew how to do it. Recently, while working with a group of CEOs, one of them declared something big. It was something career and life-altering…

Sue HawkesSparking Action #166

Opportunities in Disguise #160

by Sue Hawkes

Opportunities in Disguise #160 When your core values align with your employees, clients, partners, and vendors, you can make mistakes. When trust is high, and you’ve delivered on what you said time after time, you can make mistakes. When you go the extra mile, especially when it’s not required or expected, you can make mistakes. When you’ve done none of…

Sue HawkesOpportunities in Disguise #160