Make it Happen #171

by Sue Hawkes

Make it Happen #171

Do you bring energy to all you do?

I love my work. So does my husband. According to the statistics, we’re part of the 15% or less in America who do.

People often comment on my abundant energy. And when I’m working, it increases because I enjoy what I’m doing. Sometimes, I’m working through some sticky situations with teams. The kind they’ve been avoiding until our session.

I relish the opportunities to open a gateway to deeper, more meaningful conversations. Part of intentionality is owning everything that shows in the room; attitudes, energy, openness, curiosity, caring, commitment to greatness or any lack thereof.

When operating from a space of intentional greatness, if there’s lack, you give. If low energy is showing up, you create energy. If ego is showing up, you bring humility. It’s a great game, and when you show up to cause excellence in this way, the people around you respond in kind.

Greatness is active and it won’t come knocking at your door. You have to make it happen.

Sue HawkesMake it Happen #171