Filling the Space We Have #189

by Sue Hawkes

Filling the Space We Have #189

I bought a new truck recently. It’s larger and newer than any car or truck I’ve owned. It’s technology with wheels, a very lovely ride, and has an amazing sound system. What more could I want, right?

Not so. I don’t like how big this truck is. I am learning to drive differently than I do in my compact 2006 350Z which I drive all summer. They are opposites in almost every way. My Z car is small, noisy (it’s a ragtop convertible), and low to the ground. What they share is a great sound system. (now you know my priority!)

In life, we tend to fill the spaces we have. This plays out for learning, advancing, relationships, our environments, and business. It doesn’t always lead to the result you intend. For example, a new job = new approach to business and leadership; a bigger home = more stuff; a larger clothing size = more weight; give more to your relationships = more gratitude and love.

Knowing when it’s best to grow into the space for our learning, relationships, and advancement is key. As for the home, clothing, and truck, the jury is out for me.

Sue HawkesFilling the Space We Have #189