Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable #195

by Sue Hawkes

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable #195

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

If you’re only doing the things that are safe, comfortable or predictable, you and your life can become pretty boring.

As we embark upon a new line of business at YESS! it’s making my heart beat faster, my blood pressure rises a bit while causing me to swallow really hard. It’s a risk.

For some people, it would be a small thing. For me, it’s a no guarantee, out of my comfort zone, we’ve got a lot to learn, is this a big mistake kind of mind-bender. Why do it? Things are great as is.

Because my future self would be disappointed if I didn’t.

I’d rather be glad I did than wish I had. It’s that simple.

Sue HawkesGet Comfortable Being Uncomfortable #195