Ask And Begin #448

by Sue Hawkes

Curiosity will get you further than certainty most of the time. 

Am I suggesting you abandon all reason and those things you’re certain of, no. I am suggesting the only way we create connection, community and possibility is through our relatedness. Shared knowledge, we can do what I can’t and the sum of the whole is greater than any of its parts. 

When we wake up to the fact that we are harming ourselves when we disconnect from one another, we will embrace what forgiveness means.  

The power of learning, healing, connecting and caring lies in the questions you ask. If you don’t like what you see, experience or have in the world, ask a different question.  

If you want a different answer, ask a different question.  

The quality of the questions you ask will determine if you are reinforcing what you already know or if you are open to learning, healing and transforming what currently is. 

Healing is an unlearning of patterns. Are you ready to do the work? 

Ask and begin. 

Sue HawkesAsk And Begin #448