Ask And Begin #448

by Sue Hawkes

Curiosity will get you further than certainty most of the time.  Am I suggesting you abandon all reason and those things you’re certain of, no. I am suggesting the only way we create connection, community and possibility is through our relatedness. Shared knowledge, we can do what I can’t and the sum of the whole is greater than any of its parts.  When we…

Sue HawkesAsk And Begin #448

Creating Connection #446

by Sue Hawkes

Are you concerned about how to stay “connected” over the winter? Many people are.  In fact, it’s a source of discussions with most of my clients. Leaders are looking for meaningful ways to support employees and each other when distanced. The concern is a lack of connection.  Few will dispute that 2020 has offered more opportunities to grow, redesign, learn, redirect and…

Sue HawkesCreating Connection #446

Flawed and Excellent #210

by Sue Hawkes

Flawed and Excellent #210 Some days, it seems everything is more challenging than it should be. Imperfect and flawed. I was presenting for a client in two different cities the same week. We’d been planning for months and we were ready. When I arrived at the first location, for the first time ever, our materials weren’t delivered. We scrambled, worked…

Sue HawkesFlawed and Excellent #210