Celebrating With Employees In 2020 #468

by Sue Hawkes

While there is no good way to gather at this time in history, you can still have a meaningful impact, share appreciation and connect your team beyond the screen. Though this article was written last year, the main premises remain constant – even during a pandemic.   https://thriveglobal.com/stories/3-gift-ideas-employees-will-actually-value/ Give the Gift of Time – If ever there was a year for time off, this is the year…

Sue HawkesCelebrating With Employees In 2020 #468

Your Grief Is Real #467

by Sue Hawkes

Given what my life’s work has been about, I like to believe I have enough tools to manage my mindset, even in 2020. I consider it an honor to help others do the same as well. And then my humanity kicks in and I realize my work is never done. My job is to be curious, open and transparent about the work…

Sue HawkesYour Grief Is Real #467

Rescoping Is Tiring #466

by Sue Hawkes

Oh the infinite things we’ve needed to rescope this year, including our traditions for the holidays. Wow!   For our family, we rearranged our Thanksgiving events (including the day itself) six or seven times in the days preceding the holiday itself. We thought we’d planned for everything, even with the few of us planning on being together. The holiday result was we had no gathering other than those already in homes together. While disappointing, it’s led us to plan on being…

Sue HawkesRescoping Is Tiring #466

Because #465

by Sue Hawkes

I am strong  because I know my weaknesses  I am beautiful  because I am aware of my flaws  I am brave  because I separate ego from spirit  I am wise  because I’ve learned from my mistakes  I love  because I have felt hate  I can laugh  because I have cried  I have hope  because I have faith  I have joy  because I have…

Sue HawkesBecause #465

Today, I’ll Start With Gratitude (part 2) #464

by Sue Hawkes

When I think of the holidays, I like to imagine that the experience I am having today is a possibility for all.  It’s simple really – Thanks + Giving.  What can you be truly thankful for? Not just quickly thanking someone with a passing platitude but the depth of gratitude that erases all doubt, fear and concern. My wish for you is…

Sue HawkesToday, I’ll Start With Gratitude (part 2) #464

Today, I’ll Start With Gratitude (part 1) #463

by Sue Hawkes

This morning, I was fully present to the sunrise.  I don’t mean just observing the great colors, or simply noticing how the rolling clouds seemed almost artificial in their picturesque arrangement. In and of itself, the sunrise was spectacular, but today I was present in a way that, in a breath, everything else was magically erased. As I watched pink…

Sue HawkesToday, I’ll Start With Gratitude (part 1) #463

Pondering Travel #462

by Sue Hawkes

Like most people, I’ve traveled far less this year than ever in my adult life.   Having been in an airport at a time in history when it’s a secluded space, it’s interesting to experience people’s reactions. They range from “you’re traveling?” to “how is it?” and the tone is variable from dismay to curiosity. Some people ask their question with a dose of judgment embedded as well. …

Sue HawkesPondering Travel #462

Refocusing Yourself #461

by Sue Hawkes

On the wall above my desk I have a question to focus my attention and remind me of what’s important.  Some days, I’m very present to it and it guides my thinking and actions.   Other days, I seem to be oblivious to it…until something causes me to “see” it again and refocus.  It works 100% of the time and I rely upon it because some…

Sue HawkesRefocusing Yourself #461

Are You Tired? #460

by Sue Hawkes

“You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.”  This was sent during an EOS session as we discussed Delegate and Elevate.® Thanks @ginathorson.  Coincidental? I think not.   If you’re going through the motions, the days are blurred, you’re not finding joy in your work and little things are big…

Sue HawkesAre You Tired? #460

Gaining Perspective On 2020 #459

by Sue Hawkes

Do you have perspective on your thinking?  One of the most effective ways to gain clarity is to journal. When you do so, you pour your thinking onto a piece of paper and have the ability to observe yourself and your thinking in a way no other practice offers.   There are all kinds of roadblocks that arise when you begin writing including: …

Sue HawkesGaining Perspective On 2020 #459