Speak It Until You See It #540

by Sue Hawkes

“Speak what you seek until you see what you said.”   I heard this quote during a two-day event I was attending. Though the concept isn’t new, it certainly simplified how clear we each need to be when declaring our potential future.  You must believe it to see it. It’s not the other way around.  If you don’t believe it, it can’t and won’t happen.   Speak it until you see…

Sue HawkesSpeak It Until You See It #540

Spring Has Sprung, or Has It? #539

by Sue Hawkes

The seduction of Spring.  When you live in the Midwest, the winter can be long. Really long.  Add a pandemic and it became a fear for many people that we’d really struggle to get through this year.  As we reach temps in the 50s and 60s in March, the first temptations and relief begins.   We joke that it’s “pre-Spring,” and yet it’s hard not to…

Sue HawkesSpring Has Sprung, or Has It? #539

Who Do You Listen To? #538

by Sue Hawkes

What great questions do you ask as a leader?  I love to hear great leaders share their input for the biggest questions they are asking in the moment.  One of my current favorites given the conversations happening in our world right now is this:   Whose perspective would it be useful for me to understand?  When thinking about envisioning a future…

Sue HawkesWho Do You Listen To? #538

Time Expands #537

by Sue Hawkes

Sometimes you simply need to connect.   Nothing more.  Time to relax, be outdoors, let your mind roam, break up the monotony, do something different and be at peace letting go of the pace.  When you do, you are renewed.   There is space.  There is abundance and connection and caring.  When you make the time, time expands, and you are better…

Sue HawkesTime Expands #537

It Is Our Time #536

by Sue Hawkes

International Women’s Day. Certainly it’s a day I look for as a woman with a passion for working with other women.  Having just attended a women’s conference with one of my daughters, I am in great appreciation of what happens when women convene and band together.  There’s a tether that’s unspoken, tangible and immensely powerful.  When women gather to elevate and lift each…

Sue HawkesIt Is Our Time #536

Five Practices For Resilience #535

by Sue Hawkes

Resilience this year hasn’t been easy. We’re all fatigued, tired of the same, and frustrated.  Yet we need to carry on.   At this stage in the game, here are five things you can do which go beyond our staples:  Make a list of things you love to do. Choose one or more of the things on the list and do them – as often as you need to. There is no…

Sue HawkesFive Practices For Resilience #535

Game Changer #534

by Sue Hawkes

How do you change a conversation – with a person or in your head – from a mood of victimized to accountable?  A small word change may be the simplest form of shifting readily.  The next time you feel something is happening to you, repeat your story and insert the word “for” every time you’d use the word “to.”  When something moves…

Sue HawkesGame Changer #534

Time to Declutter #533

by Sue Hawkes

“Clarity is the elimination of mental clutter.  Agility is the elimination of physical clutter.  Tranquility is the elimination of spiritual clutter.”  While pondering this James Clear quote, several things came to mind:  Clutter is a great way to describe all the waste in my mental, physical and spiritual space. It makes me want to eliminate it.  I deeply desire the…

Sue HawkesTime to Declutter #533

When You’re Ready #532

by Sue Hawkes

Thank you Marshall Goldsmith for this timely tidbit on feedback.   Do you ever struggle with feedback? Me too.   Most days, I am open and willing to give and receive feedback. But some days, my ego is out of joint, fully engaged and feedback feels like criticism. Ever been there?  What can you do to maximize the opportunity to learn and grow based…

Sue HawkesWhen You’re Ready #532

How to Make It Work #531

by Sue Hawkes

I was connecting with a friend and colleague and during our discussion offered some feedback. I shared I hadn’t wanted to burden her with a request as she seemed busy because she hadn’t responded to prior emails.  She seemed taken aback and apologized, not wanting to project that image.  I could totally relate. When I’m truly executing to the max in my business, I often…

Sue HawkesHow to Make It Work #531