55% To Goal #550

by Sue Hawkes

For those of you playing along, I check in every 50 posts to take a macro look at my quest to writing a blog every day in my journey to 1,000 and document what I’m learning throughout this process. (I took Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post).   One friend Lacy Starling has joined me in the quest and she is succeeding at blogging daily as well. The strange…

Sue Hawkes55% To Goal #550

Say It Out Loud #549

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever struggled to begin something or try something new? Me too.   And the journey to the starting line can feel like a marathon if you stay trapped between your ears.  One solution for this … tell someone.  Yup. It’s that simple.   Say it out loud to someone, maybe even more than one someone.  I did this recently as I admitted I was somewhat…

Sue HawkesSay It Out Loud #549

Make My Day #548

by Sue Hawkes

Do you get excited when you receive an unexpected gift?   Me TOO!  When someone takes the time to listen, hear what you enjoy, are interested in, care about and appreciate and they unexpectedly send a package with a little something to cheer you up and make your day, it does just that.   It’s one of the ways you can surprise someone, share joy and be supportive…

Sue HawkesMake My Day #548

Begin Today #547

by Sue Hawkes

When you look at the results you have in your life, what do you see?  Do you see a masterpiece? A work of art worthy of your time calling you to leap out of bed in the morning and pushing you to extend your days as late as possible not wanting to miss a single minute of the goodness in your…

Sue HawkesBegin Today #547

A Permission Slip To Feel #546

by Sue Hawkes

I found this quote today and had to share it as it felt like a permission slip to feel.  As I listen and share with others as we emerge into the next stages of our pandemic lives, I can’t help but hear, feel, and see the layers of grief.  Even in the most successful of lives, it’s been a challenge.  Remembering to feel, recognize the sadness, and embrace…

Sue HawkesA Permission Slip To Feel #546

Burned Out? Try This. #545

by Sue Hawkes

When something shows up repeatedly in my world, I realize quickly it’s a message, not a random event. I treat feedback the same way. Instead of reacting to each message and questioning myself, I’ve learned to seek patterns – both working and not working.  This pattern recently showed itself: do you need help with burn out, stress and the emergence from winter for yourself or your teams?  Though it’s been a mostly manageable…

Sue HawkesBurned Out? Try This. #545

Believe Them #544

by Sue Hawkes

I recently did an exercise which was insightful and validating.   I asked several people to describe me in three words.  It wasn’t for my ego, though it served to assuage that as well, so if it helps, try it.  It was to see how my self-perception aligned with others in my circle.  The simple punch line was their words weren’t the ones I’d choose…

Sue HawkesBelieve Them #544

Making the Invisible Visible #543

by Sue Hawkes

Everybody leans on leaders.   Do you ever feel like you’re the shock absorber for those around you? I know I do.   You buffer things, are a sounding board, are the Voice of Reason and helper to those around you who may need a confidential source to confide in when things are chaotic, or you can’t talk with much of anyone about what’s happening in your world.  When you’re that resource for others, where…

Sue HawkesMaking the Invisible Visible #543

Really, How Are You? #542

by Sue Hawkes

Since March of 2020,we’ve been pretty uncertain about a lot of things.   And really, that’s the way that it’s been, it’s just in the front seat of the car right now.   Normally we can fool ourselves and say, oh I know what’s going to happen – when we really don’t know.   We want to believe we know what’s coming, and we have predictability.  But really, what do you…

Sue HawkesReally, How Are You? #542

Today Is Hers #541

by Sue Hawkes

Birthdays: they change over time.  When you’re young, you can’t wait for them. It’s a day all about you, celebrating who you are and potentially offering rewards and attention.  You reach your milestone birthdays and celebrate what the world recognizes that age/stage means. Sometimes there are rituals, regrets and too much celebrating equates to a recognition you’re older, maybe not wiser.  As I’ve aged, I appreciate both the opportunity…

Sue HawkesToday Is Hers #541