YESS! Newsletter December 2016

by Sue Hawkes

Like many people, I feel reflective toward the end of the year and 2016 is no different. Taking the time to think about the year, both personally and professionally, gives me great clarity and informs my intentions for the coming year. As I get older, I more deeply appreciate my relationships and what people mean to me.  Having lost my…

Sue HawkesYESS! Newsletter December 2016

The Gift of Time

by Sue Hawkes

Client Highlight: Carla Anderson of C. Anderson Associates  There are many ways to be generous. We’re all likely to receive a number of gift cards, gift baskets and delectable treats delivered to our offices. All are appreciated – it shows the person or company thought of you and wanted to show their gratitude for the relationship and services exchanged. We…

Sue HawkesThe Gift of Time

Reflect All Year with a Clarity Break™

by Sue Hawkes

As another year rushes to a close, most of us feel compelled to reflect and take stock of the year. We’ll ask ourselves things like, what did I accomplish? What did I contribute? What did I learn? What is unfinished? While these reflections are timely, waiting until year-end provides a last minute, rearview mirror look at things. Imagine what would…

Sue HawkesReflect All Year with a Clarity Break™

Bigger Vision for the Future

by Sue Hawkes

When I decided to feature my friend, former EOS client and WPO colleague Julie Allinson, Founder and President of eyebobs, I knew I was in for a laugh. Never one to disappoint, Julie did have a few of her famous one-liners but also opened up about growing eyebobs, selling part of the business, and now letting go after a new CEO…

Sue HawkesBigger Vision for the Future

Today I Will Start With Gratitude

by Sue Hawkes

This morning, I was fully present to the sunrise. I don’t mean just observing the great colors, or simply noticing how the rolling clouds seemed almost artificial in their picturesque arrangement. In and of itself, the sunrise was spectacular, but today I was present in a way that, in a breath, everything else was magically erased. As I watched the…

Sue HawkesToday I Will Start With Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Ali Stieglbauer

Happy Thanksgiving! During this season of gratitude we want to take a few moments and thank you for your partnership. We sincerely value our relationship with you and the opportunity that allows us to create a better life for our collective clients, employees, families and communities. “In Chinese, the word ‘business’ means to help each other make a meaningful living.”…

Ali StieglbauerHappy Thanksgiving!

Listening For & Using Intuitive Data

by Sue Hawkes

We all know the value of hard data, how numbers and measurables can help keep emotions, opinions and subjectivity out of things. Hard data can help us make reasoned, logical decisions. It isn’t, however, the only kind of data. The other important kind is intuitive data, which some of you may know as gut instinct. This is the feeling you…

Sue HawkesListening For & Using Intuitive Data

Bolts, Booze and Bullets

by Ali Stieglbauer

Meg Thoreson truly does it all. As both the owner of Solon Springs Mercantile and an employee of the Entrepreneur Fund, Meg brings a passion for small business development wherever she goes. I was excited to interview her for my “Inspiring Women” column in Minnesota Business magazine because I can’t imagine being an entrepreneur and employee. Meg makes it look…

Ali StieglbauerBolts, Booze and Bullets

YESS! Newsletter October 2016

by Sue Hawkes

Our World is Crazy, Your Business Doesn’t Need to Be In Minnesota, we’re blessed with the beauty of Autumn, crisp air at night, fall colors and a winning football team in a new stadium. Contrast that with the noise of our current election and the challenges it presents as we encourage everyone to get out and vote. We’re entering fourth…

Sue HawkesYESS! Newsletter October 2016