Perspective Worth Cultivating #1038 

by Sue Hawkes

“This is the beginning of a new day.   You have been given this day to use as you will.  You can waste it or use it for good.  What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.  When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever.  In its place is something that…

Sue HawkesPerspective Worth Cultivating #1038

Isn’t It Time? #1037 

by Sue Hawkes

In a recent workshop I attended, we were guided to think of where anxiety showed up in our body. Becoming curious about where stress shows up physically requires some thought. Most of us in the room had our logical explanations, but weren’t necessarily connected to where it actually manifested in our bodies.  We’d reasoned our way out of experiencing the…

Sue HawkesIsn’t It Time? #1037

The Precious Present #1036 

by Sue Hawkes

Returning from time away is always bittersweet.  I know it’s been a great trip when I’m ready to go home, and also happy to have been away. That sweet spot of the trip being long enough to relax and the peace of returning to my own space, sleeping in my own bed, and seeing my bulldog’s wiggle-filled greeting upon our…

Sue HawkesThe Precious Present #1036

Could, Would, Should #1035 

by Sue Hawkes

Could, would, should. They’re different and we often co-mingle them or treat them the same.  In terms of working with clients, trying new experiences, and learning new things, asking the right question will offer improved results:  Could we? Yes, is almost always the answer. It doesn’t consider the down sides of saying yes.  Would we? Now we must become more…

Sue HawkesCould, Would, Should #1035

Slowly But Surely #1034 

by Sue Hawkes

January certainly seemed full.  Being from Minnesota we tend to think of January as the longest month of the year. Many of us enjoy the snow through the holidays and then jokingly (not really) say we’d like all the snow to be done and spring to arrive.  Only it doesn’t work that way.  This year, it seemed as if January…

Sue HawkesSlowly But Surely #1034

It’s Not a Luxury #1033 

by Sue Hawkes

Rest.   It’s an easily neglected, almost forgotten part of any self-proclaimed overachiever’s health routine.  For years, I prided myself of the high energy I came into the world with, easily going without sleep in my twenties and thirties while also maintaining my performance for days and weeks on end. It was a gift I could tap into without reservation.  As…

Sue HawkesIt’s Not a Luxury #1033

Rest is Care #1032 

by Sue Hawkes

Easing into the day.   It’s not my thing. I don’t drink coffee, though I have created a practice to begin the first 15 minutes of my day with meditation, appreciation, and envisioning success for the day which I do consistently. I continue that envisioning in the shower daily and it really works for me.  I had to learn to stay…

Sue HawkesRest is Care #1032

Space for Peace #1031  

by Sue Hawkes

In the still of the morning, alone with my thoughts and the warm tropical wind, peaceful music, and the lack of anything to do, I can be anywhere.  My energy and focus can be with your heart, supporting the journey, the healing, the work.  I am with you in spirit, supporting the peace, love and space to learn.  I hear…

Sue HawkesSpace for Peace #1031

The Day Before Vacation #1030 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s the day before vacation for me. It’s a combination of work and vacation, which are some of my favorite experiences. Kevin is with me, and as usual, we’re hustling to button everything up so we can disconnect and truly relax.  Dan Sullivan’s words ring in my ear every time I’m leaving.  “If we worked as hard as we do…

Sue HawkesThe Day Before Vacation #1030

Intentional Communication #1029 

by Sue Hawkes

My career has always been about becoming a keen observer. In all ways, coaching, facilitating, and training are about learning to engage your senses to read all of what’s occurring with the people in the room, not just the words shared.  When done well, we help people gracefully work through the tough stuff. You know the conversations, the challenging discussions…

Sue HawkesIntentional Communication #1029