Appreciation Game #483

by Sue Hawkes

Thank you. To those who read this blog consistently and share it, those who take the time to give a comment or thumbs up, and those who call, text, email and let me know it mattered.  Writing is a funny thing. For me, I feel vulnerable when writing in a way other actions do not afford. For me, offering my…

Sue HawkesAppreciation Game #483

Patience not Patients #482

by Sue Hawkes

In a year when nothing is “normal” and we’re all waiting for 2020 to become 2021, please remember today is what we have. I end my podcasts and my autoresponder with “make today great, it’s the only day you’ve got…”   We’re in the crunch time of the pandemic, and I’ve been in many conversations hearing people sharing how tired they are of “it.”…

Sue HawkesPatience not Patients #482

Let’s Connect #481

by Sue Hawkes

Here’s a helpful analogy from Yale Professor, Nicholas Christakis: If you take a group of carbon atoms and connect them one way, you get graphite, which is soft and dark and perfect for making pencils. But if you take the same carbon atoms and connect them another way, you get a diamond, which is hard and clear and great for making jewelry.   There…

Sue HawkesLet’s Connect #481

Gifts #480

by Sue Hawkes

This year, what are the gifts you’re celebrating? What are the gifts you’re offering? Is it just me, or do the gifts seem to be more relative to spending meaningful time online or in person where possible? This year, with all its challenges, difficulties, twists and turns has also proven to be the interruption many of us needed.  As I ponder what a gift is, I…

Sue HawkesGifts #480

7 Rules of Life #479

by Sue Hawkes

My thoughts added to Whisper of the Heart, 7 Rules of Life:  Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present. (You can’t change the past or go back to it – let it live as it was and don’t let it have today or your future. Love it, learn from it and let it be what it is, history.) What others think of you is…

Sue Hawkes7 Rules of Life #479

It’s Not a Consumer Sport #478

by Sue Hawkes

I am on a screen all day every day like many people, and it’s not new anymore. Does it change the challenges of missing people, wishing we were in person or could gather together, no. It does however mean we need to treat it as a mechanism for work.   At this point, purchasing a green screen, finding a decent area for broadcast within…

Sue HawkesIt’s Not a Consumer Sport #478

Be The Soul of That Place #477

by Sue Hawkes

In a recent meeting, someone shared this Rumi quote “wherever you are, be the soul of that place.”  It struck me hard to consider how much we all contribute (or don’t) to the soul of the “places” we show up to.  I began reflecting on 2020 weeks ago and as I have been, one of the realizations I’ve had is how often I…

Sue HawkesBe The Soul of That Place #477

Moving Into Our Hybrid Future #476

by Sue Hawkes

One of the most powerful opportunities we have amidst the vastly challenging days of 2020 is to savor the moment and slow down enough to be grateful for the gifts and wins it has offered.  Slowing down, which many of us have appreciated, has enriched our relationships and encouraged renewed peace of mind. I’m not negating the hard stuff, simply suggesting we seize…

Sue HawkesMoving Into Our Hybrid Future #476

Celebrating With Employees In 2020 #468

by Sue Hawkes

While there is no good way to gather at this time in history, you can still have a meaningful impact, share appreciation and connect your team beyond the screen. Though this article was written last year, the main premises remain constant – even during a pandemic. Give the Gift of Time – If ever there was a year for time off, this is the year…

Sue HawkesCelebrating With Employees In 2020 #468

Rescoping Is Tiring #466

by Sue Hawkes

Oh the infinite things we’ve needed to rescope this year, including our traditions for the holidays. Wow!   For our family, we rearranged our Thanksgiving events (including the day itself) six or seven times in the days preceding the holiday itself. We thought we’d planned for everything, even with the few of us planning on being together. The holiday result was we had no gathering other than those already in homes together. While disappointing, it’s led us to plan on being…

Sue HawkesRescoping Is Tiring #466