Finding Time Where There Is None #215

by Sue Hawkes

Finding Time Where There Is None #215

Our time is limited and during the holidays, schedules can feel even more compressed than usual. For our business, it’s also “annual season” which means we’re often working six- or seven-day weeks on top of the festivities and additional events.

What can you do about it? Here’s a simple calendar exercise which can help you gain up to 10 hours in your workweek:

  1. Document your activities for 5-10 days and place the activities in one of three categories:
      1.  Waste of time – STOP doing these activities
      2. Delegate – You could pay someone less than you make/hour to do the same work joyfully and effectively
      3. Adds Value – Continue and Increase these activities

This is a great way to free up your time now and beyond the holidays. You can do this with work and home activities and create a measurable amount of freedom quickly. Try it, you’ve only got time to lose!

Sue HawkesFinding Time Where There Is None #215