Don’t Hit The Wall #301 

by Sue Hawkes

How are you? This is possibly the single most important question to ask people right now.  The answers I’ve heard in recent weeks have been more authentic, varied and transient than I can recall; maybe ever. With the pace of change, the level of unknowns, the grief present (which can present itself in any of its stages as denial, anger, bargaining,…

Sue HawkesDon’t Hit The Wall #301

A Checklist For Working From Home #293 

by Sue Hawkes

Many leaders are discussing how to effectively work from home. So many that I’ve compiled a checklist. Please use this as a baseline to share, and add your thoughts in the comments.  Do you have dedicated space to work in your home?  Do you have structured hours to work and then to return back to home, family and self?  Do…

Sue HawkesA Checklist For Working From Home #293

The Guilt Of The Season #219

by Sue Hawkes

The Guilt Of The Season #219 Why do we have guilt over not fitting everything and everyone in—especially at this time of year? I was asked this question during an interview and my take is this: many of us have bought into a “you can have it all” experience in life. We worry about others’ judgments, approval, and feelings, yet…

Sue HawkesThe Guilt Of The Season #219

Finding Time Where There Is None #215

by Sue Hawkes

Finding Time Where There Is None #215 Our time is limited and during the holidays, schedules can feel even more compressed than usual. For our business, it’s also “annual season” which means we’re often working six- or seven-day weeks on top of the festivities and additional events. What can you do about it? Here’s a simple calendar exercise which can…

Sue HawkesFinding Time Where There Is None #215

This Works EVERY Time #213

by Sue Hawkes

This Works EVERY Time #213 What’s the secret sauce for exceeding your expected results as a person or within your business? If there was one simple answer, wouldn’t that make it all easier? If there was one key ingredient the most successful people use, what would it be? Well, I don’t love the answer, nor do most of my friends…

Sue HawkesThis Works EVERY Time #213

On Your Terms #211

by Sue Hawkes

On Your Terms #211 What sets up a winning day? Arguably, most people have a morning routine. Does it serve what you need it to? Are you setting yourself up for success or have you fallen into a habitual series of actions that deter from your best day? Three questions to consider for an effective day: Do you begin with…

Sue HawkesOn Your Terms #211

Check Your Focus #209

by Sue Hawkes

Check Your Focus #209 Have you ever heard the phrase “what you focus on expands?” During a recent meeting, one of the leaders attending said they had been in a “funk.” Well, we all could relate to that statement. The conversation began and seemed to accelerate into all the things contributing to their challenges. It wasn’t helpful, in fact, it…

Sue HawkesCheck Your Focus #209

It’s Like Laundry #208

by Sue Hawkes

It’s Like Laundry #208 Eliminating waste is a great thing. When you think of waste, do you include time, energy and money? How about space? At the beginning of the year, I realized how much stress I had when my email inbox was full. Like all busy people, I receive many emails on any given day. On New Year’s Day,…

Sue HawkesIt’s Like Laundry #208

KISS #183

by Sue Hawkes

KISS #183 Life seems to ebb and flow, to speed and relax. It could be seasonal, work or personally related. As the holidays approach, it certainly seems many people’s lives accelerate with events and festivities packed in all at once to celebrate the season. It happens every year, yet many people seem exhausted, irritable or challenged with the pace. Slowing…

Sue HawkesKISS #183

Overwhelmed or Grateful? #182

by Sue Hawkes

Overwhelmed or Grateful? #182 What I’ve noticed is my life never really slows down. I’ve lived in the illusion that most of my world will correct itself once I get “this” or “that” happens. It could be an event, a series of events, a project, a set of tasks, a string of travel, family events, the holidays, or celebrations. It…

Sue HawkesOverwhelmed or Grateful? #182