Don’t Zoom Out #368

by Sue Hawkes

I learn so much in conversation with great leaders.  @NancyGeenan is one of those leaders. We were having a conversation after a Zoom meeting we were in together for many hours and discovered some things.   In our virtual worlds, we can look at what’s working or not working. We were talking about the ways in which we are better because of it.  Though we…

Sue HawkesDon’t Zoom Out #368

What Are YOU Doing? #367

by Sue Hawkes

Initiating action is a drug for me. Being causal. Starting movements.  Call it the entrepreneur in me, but when there is a need for action, I’m in. This year is suited to people like me. We catalyze opportunities and are okay with making mistakes. Our cautious culture in Minnesota is leery of this. That’s okay, my approval needs are low and my risk tolerance…

Sue HawkesWhat Are YOU Doing? #367

Express, Don’t Expect #366

by Sue Hawkes

This simple post came up 8 years later and resonates powerfully today:  Missing somebody? …..  Call  Wanna meet up?  …..      Invite  Wanna be understood?  …..Explain  Have questions?  …..Ask  Don’t like something?  …..Say it   Like something?  …..State it  Want something?  …..Ask for it  Love someone?  …..Tell them  No one knows what’s going on in your mind, it’s better to express than to expect.  Our world is complex and…

Sue HawkesExpress, Don’t Expect #366

So What? #365

by Sue Hawkes

We all play different roles. Don’t assume your role should look like anyone else’s, it shouldn’t. When I’m in new territory, what I’ve noticed is I am willing to ask for help, admit what I don’t know, make mistakes, and be humble about the journey. The good news is that is where learning happens. The bad news for me is…

Sue HawkesSo What? #365

What Conversation? #364

by Sue Hawkes

That conversation you’re having, it’s a distraction.   What conversation?   The one you’re having almost constantly with yourself. (And the one you heard when asked “what conversation?” above.) Sometimes it’s so loud you’re not present for the people, conversations or life events as they’re happening.  Beyond that, you’re getting limited input, you’re focused inward and you’re missing opportunities.   If you’re wondering why people stop talking with you, including you, or participating with…

Sue HawkesWhat Conversation? #364

Maybe It’s Okay #363

by Sue Hawkes

Maybe it’s okay.   Maybe it’s okay to speak up, to be unpopular, to interrupt the patterns, comments and systemic wrongs built into our world.   Maybe it’s okay to unlearn, to struggle with your own ignorance, to realize your racism and behaviors that harm, hurt or at the very least distance and perpetuate out of silence.   Maybe it’s okay to feel ashamed, maybe it’s even necessary to feel ashamed…

Sue HawkesMaybe It’s Okay #363

We Need To Act Like It #362

by Sue Hawkes

What’s happened to us, the US that is?   It seems as if “us” (the U.S.) has turned into WE and THEY. I am challenged with how communication is shared on social media, where it seems to be a free for all of opinions and division. It’s challenging to be online and see the barrage of constant commentary tearing down our leaders – which I believe is different than desiring accountability.…

Sue HawkesWe Need To Act Like It #362

Living The Future Backward #361

by Sue Hawkes

Years from now, when 2020 is in hindsight, what should we remember about it?  A week from now, when the events overwhelm us, what should we remember about the meetings we had?  Tomorrow, when the day gets busy, what would you like me to remember about you and the discussion we just had?  When we begin with an end in…

Sue HawkesLiving The Future Backward #361

You Never Know #360

by Sue Hawkes

You never know.  When I’m doing something to grow and learn, I’ve found making it public gives me the drive to succeed. My need to keep my word to others exceeds my ability to keep my word to myself, so it’s often the reason I push myself to complete what feel like challenges.  Writing a blog every day has been one of those…

Sue HawkesYou Never Know #360

Only Three Answers #359

by Sue Hawkes

I read a simple quote today. It says:  “God has only three answers to your prayers,   Yes  Not Yet  I have something better in mind for you”  There’s no downside.   Do I have the presence to pray as if it’s up to God and act as if it’s up to me?  Today, this is my framework for success as I do the work. #speakup  I have a…

Sue HawkesOnly Three Answers #359