KISS #183

by Sue Hawkes

KISS #183 Life seems to ebb and flow, to speed and relax. It could be seasonal, work or personally related. As the holidays approach, it certainly seems many people’s lives accelerate with events and festivities packed in all at once to celebrate the season. It happens every year, yet many people seem exhausted, irritable or challenged with the pace. Slowing…

Sue HawkesKISS #183

7 Tips for Better Meetings #164

by Sue Hawkes

7 Tips for Better Meetings #164 Ever been to a non-productive meeting? Me too, and they are all too common. Here are seven tips to improve your meetings (shared from our Getting Stuff Done (GSD) Program): Always have an objective for the meeting. Share this with all attendees. Don’t deviate. Too often we delve into how to do things when…

Sue Hawkes7 Tips for Better Meetings #164

3 Choices #163

by Sue Hawkes

3 Choices #163 When things aren’t working, you have three choices. You can live with it, end it or change it. I learned this from Gino Wickman. Complaining about it isn’t going to help, though many people seek new audiences to share the same story, politicking their way through a situation and causing harm to all parties involved. Pausing to…

Sue Hawkes3 Choices #163

This Indecision’s Bugging Me #162

by Sue Hawkes

This Indecision’s Bugging Me #162 There was a study done that analyzed 25,000 people who had experienced failure. Lack of decision, or procrastination, was one of the major causes. They took the study further and found there were two main reasons that people cited for procrastination. Do you know what they are? People put off things they don’t like to…

Sue HawkesThis Indecision’s Bugging Me #162