Unkept Promises #1105 

by Sue Hawkes

In a world plagued by busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists, it’s easy to fall into the trap of making excuses to the most important people in our world. We justify our absence, our lack of commitment, or our failure to follow through with promises. Have you ever stopped to consider the cost of those excuses? Behind every unkept promise…

Sue HawkesUnkept Promises #1105

Your Beautiful Garden Awaits #1104 

by Sue Hawkes

Life can be hard.  When being intentional, we choose the hard that brings us closer to our desired future.   Imagine yourself as a gardener. To grow a beautiful garden, you must dig deep, plant the seeds for what you intend to grow, and water them regularly. In the same way, we must choose the hard that will grow us in…

Sue HawkesYour Beautiful Garden Awaits #1104

One Choice at a Time #1103 

by Sue Hawkes

In the vast tapestry of life, our decisions are the threads that weave our future. Each choice we make, no matter how seemingly insignificant, has the power to alter the course of what will become reality. It’s like standing at a crossroads, with diverging paths leading to distinct destinations. If we keep treading the same well-worn path, we cannot expect…

Sue HawkesOne Choice at a Time #1103

The Art of Simplicity in Business #1102 

by Sue Hawkes

In the realm of business, the timeless adage “as simple as possible but never simpler” resonates deeply. Coined by the legendary physicist Albert Einstein, this quote offers a fundamental principle that can guide us towards achieving success.  Imagine a sailing ship navigating treacherous waters. To sail smoothly, it must find the delicate equilibrium between trimming excess weight to gain speed…

Sue HawkesThe Art of Simplicity in Business #1102

Can’t Be Co-Opted #1101 

by Sue Hawkes

Picture this: You’re a creative genius, toiling away in your secret lair, conjuring up groundbreaking ideas that could change the world with your team. But alas, the universe has other plans for you. Suddenly, you find your work being shamelessly co-opted by someone else. Cue the dramatic music…  Being a victim of creative co-option is like having your baby snatched…

Sue HawkesCan’t Be Co-Opted #1101

Lessons at 1100 #1100 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s check in time for what I’m learning in my journey past 1000 blogs. Today, I’m keeping it simple because we’re packing for our upcoming remodel and boxes are calling my name as I write. So here they are, no preamble or tee up, though I’m still grateful to Seth Godin for the challenge!  At this moment, this is it: 

Sue HawkesLessons at 1100 #1100

My Simple Recipe #1099 

by Sue Hawkes

“Why?” is such an important question to answer.  Without overcomplicating it, no matter what the situation is, when your why is big enough, you’ll find the who, how and what.  How do we remain vigilant about keeping our “why” in front of us during the challenges?  Expand your why and do what’s most significant to realizing it.  This is my…

Sue HawkesMy Simple Recipe #1099

Time is Life #1098 

by Sue Hawkes

Life is a one-time offer. Use it well.  I found this quote as it coincided with Ali’s 30th birthday.  Somehow, my kids’ birthdays anchor me more than my own to how fleeting life is. How can we be old enough to have a 30-year-old? After all, we’re not that old, are we?  It’s an interesting process, aging. You can’t slow…

Sue HawkesTime is Life #1098

In the Silence of Our Own Thinking #1097 

by Sue Hawkes

Don’t let fear lead you.  Sometimes, when facing change and left in the silence of our own thinking, we choose the comfort and certainty of what’s known over the new and unknown.  While it’s one of your available choices, consider what you’re gaining and missing in the short and long term.  You can live with the predictable reality and hope…

Sue HawkesIn the Silence of Our Own Thinking #1097

Speed as a Habit #1096 

by Sue Hawkes

As a result of the EOS Conference ™, Justin Maust recommended the article “Speed as a Habit” by Dave Girouard in his dynamic breakout talk, so I read it. I highly encourage you to do so as well, it’s a worthy read.   His underlying belief is that speed is the ultimate weapon in business. He begins with “All else being…

Sue HawkesSpeed as a Habit #1096