Finding Your Motivation #1354 

by Sue Hawkes

A goal is not enough. It’s important, but it won’t motivate you on a day when things are tough. How do you find your mojo if you really want to attain something, and your mood just isn’t supporting you?  You can use external means:  You can shift your internal dialog by asking questions like these:   Motivation is a tricky…

Sue HawkesFinding Your Motivation #1354

Just Name It #1353 

by Sue Hawkes

Living in Minnesota is a wonderful thing…and it’s got interesting twists as well – and I’m not talking about the weather! People are not as direct in communication here, which can be a challenge.   While delivering a keynote about team health, we were discussing the need for healthy conflict. One leader questioned me and asked if we could call it…

Sue HawkesJust Name It #1353

The Greater Meaning #1352 

by Sue Hawkes

Sometimes we forget the meaning and importance behind what we’re doing, and things erode from there.   It can be as simple as preparing for a meeting.   When I remind the leaders I work with about the facts – what it costs them to host a meeting with their leadership team for an hour or an offsite, the time they’re investing,…

Sue HawkesThe Greater Meaning #1352

Your Reaction #1351 

by Sue Hawkes

Whenever I find myself triggered by an event, I know there’s learning available for me. If I bypass the opportunity to evaluate my reaction, I become a victim of whatever happened and can guarantee the next time a similar event occurs, I’ll react again – only it will be stronger and more automatic.  If I’m aware enough and can sit…

Sue HawkesYour Reaction #1351

Your Thinking Matters #1350 

by Sue Hawkes

Reframing your language is more than putting a “positive spin” on your language and thinking. It’s about redirecting energy.  When you focus on something being difficult, bad, sad, or a problem, you’re essentially saying your circumstances are the way they are, will be, and you can’t do anything about it. This leads to being stuck.  When you reframe the same…

Sue HawkesYour Thinking Matters #1350

Hack Your Thinking #1349 

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever talked yourself out of something due to the thought of the work associated with doing it? Think of deadlines, new projects, behavioral changes or physical activity – working out.  Your brain can rationalize away every benefit of beginning or doing the task before you begin. You will tell yourself a thousand stories about why you shouldn’t –…

Sue HawkesHack Your Thinking #1349

Are You Listening? #1348 

by Sue Hawkes

What happens when you have something important, pressing, vital or interesting you are eager to share with someone and they don’t really pay attention?   Even worse, what happens when they hear you, play along and seem to be with you, but they’re not? You know the drill, when someone is there, making eye contact, seemingly interested but when you reference…

Sue HawkesAre You Listening? #1348

Transitions #1347 

by Sue Hawkes

Transitions. For most of us, they are challenging. Challenging in the best and worst sense of the word.   Challenging us to become who we need to be, while letting go of who we currently know ourselves as.  Challenging because in doing so, we must let go of the predictable and familiar, where comfort resides.  Adventure and excitement live outside your…

Sue HawkesTransitions #1347

5 Tips for Tough Conversations #1346 

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever been stuck approaching a challenging conversation?  You know the kind, it’s one you’d rather put off than have, could be personal or professional, but it’s one you play over and over in your head to rehearse before approaching it. Me too!  What works? Here are 5 ways to make it easier: 

Sue Hawkes5 Tips for Tough Conversations #1346

The Key to Winning #1345 

by Sue Hawkes

Consistency. It’s elusive to many of us.  When learning, it’s the deal maker.  When seeking mastery, it separates those who excel from those who don’t.  In any situation where you seek to deliver excellence, from cooking to performing, doing your work to playing sports, learning an instrument or a new language, art, leadership or any other venture – it requires…

Sue HawkesThe Key to Winning #1345