For The Tech of It #718 

by Sue Hawkes

When I think of all that’s occurred since March of 2020, it’s quite staggering. McKinsey states we experienced 10 years of growth in the first three months of the pandemic.   Many of us navigated the bulk of it thanks to technology.   It wasn’t without its hiccups, but overall, it worked and continues to redefine how we work and live. I’ve cursed it, been…

Sue HawkesFor The Tech of It #718

Your Suit of Armor #717 

by Sue Hawkes

We have a body; do we appreciate it?  If I had a dollar for all the time and energy I’ve spent criticizing my anatomy for being exactly how it is versus some way I wished it was, I’d be incredibly wealthy.  I don’t know when it started but disliking the less-than-ideal body began in the early years. I learned to hate parts, wish things were different and even feel embarrassed about how I looked. When…

Sue HawkesYour Suit of Armor #717

Connection Is Everywhere #716 

by Sue Hawkes

Artwork is inspiration.   In the same way time in nature can clear your mind, artwork can offer a journey into worlds we didn’t expect. When we surround ourselves with beautiful creations we appreciate, it’s evocative, it’s emotive and it opens our senses to be more creative and appreciative.  Ali and I took a trip to Willmar to enjoy James Church’s beautiful work: Out of Many ( It’s…

Sue HawkesConnection Is Everywhere #716

All The Things #715 

by Sue Hawkes

I’ve heard many people say they prefer experiences to things. It’s true for me as well.  Yet, in my day-to-day life, many “things” make life easier, richer, warmer and more meaningful and I am sometimes oblivious to them.  When I consider my favorite spatula which my mom used to use with all its dents, dings and partially melted handle, I can’t imagine making cookies without it. She used it and…

Sue HawkesAll The Things #715

There’s No Place Like Home #714 

by Sue Hawkes

Throughout the pandemic, our homes have been well more than our shelter.   As I look at my home, what was once my least favorite room in our home is now my studio. It became a place to create, find comfort, pack up with my husband and dog at the end of the day and the space to work in new…

Sue HawkesThere’s No Place Like Home #714

Natural Gratitude #713 

by Sue Hawkes

There’s something healing, nurturing, and comforting in nature. Whether you consider yourself an “outdoor” person or not, immersing yourself in the woods, on the water, on a path, in the city or anywhere else offers space for you and your thoughts.  Few things are as transformative as time outdoors. Do you get outside enough? Or do you use the weather and…

Sue HawkesNatural Gratitude #713

No Longer Here #712 

by Sue Hawkes

This time of year can be challenging for those of us who have loved ones no longer with us for any reason. As we step into the joyous traditions coupled with the stress of the holidays, remembering it’s a mixed bag emotionally for every person we encounter can help manage expectations.  Finding gratitude for those no longer physically with us, the memories…

Sue HawkesNo Longer Here #712

Who Has Shaped You? #711 

by Sue Hawkes

When I think of who I am, how I live and the choices I make daily, I am the sum of those who have mentored, taught, and guided me directly and indirectly. Whether I consciously or unconsciously recognize it, I’m sorting what fits, makes sense and doesn’t all the time.  Some of those people in my life are at a…

Sue HawkesWho Has Shaped You? #711

Surprise Appreciation #710

by Sue Hawkes

When’s the last time you left a love note for someone? That long, huh? Well then, it’s time. Think of the last “surprise” note you received. How’d it make you feel? Pretty awesome, right? I sometimes leave a card for my husband when I travel. I usually tuck it somewhere for him to find after I’ve left. It might be…

Sue HawkesSurprise Appreciation #710

Three Steps to Begin a Great Day #709 

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever started a day and it went to hell before you were an hour into it? Me too.  I bet you’ve also had days where you awakened and felt like you could do nothing wrong, within an hour you’d determined it could be one of the best days of your life. Me too.  In either case, you can have an event occur and…

Sue HawkesThree Steps to Begin a Great Day #709