Eliminate Shoplifting of Time #64

by Sue Hawkes

Eliminate Shoplifting of Time #64 For those following along with this week’s eradication of the “got a minute meeting” in your work life, this post will serve you in preventing yourself (or others) from asking for one, if possible. This is your checklist for preventing you from shoplifting time or hijacking the productivity of those you work with. Before you…

Sue HawkesEliminate Shoplifting of Time #64

15 Tips for Finding Time When You Have None Cont. #63

by Sue Hawkes

15 Tips for Finding Time When You Have None, Cont.#63 In Blog #62 I shared the first half of my list to reclaim time in your day. Choosing to be proactive and intentional with all the minutes of your day will help you accomplish more and stay focused. Sound too good to be true? Try the rest of the tips…

Sue Hawkes15 Tips for Finding Time When You Have None Cont. #63

15 Tips for Finding Time When You Have None #62

by Sue Hawkes

15 Tips for Finding Time When You Have None #62 How do you find time where there is none in an already full day? Most of us would love at least 24 hours no one else knows about every week for work or pleasure; the thought is delightful. Back to reality now. In blog #61, I wrote about the time…

Sue Hawkes15 Tips for Finding Time When You Have None #62

Your Choice #61

by Sue Hawkes

Your Choice #61 Here he comes again, you hope he’s not stopping by. You know the guy, the one who asks, “do you have a minute?” And it’s never a minute. NEVER. In fact, I was recently at a presentation by Cy Wakeman (who is fabulous if you ever have the chance to see her – she’s a drama researcher)…

Sue HawkesYour Choice #61

What 3 Conferences in a Week Will Teach You #60

by Sue Hawkes

What Three Conferences in a Week Will Teach you #60 April and October are challenging months if you speak as well as attend conferences. It seems they are great months with no big distractions like major holidays. Though we have Spring break and Halloween, they don’t seem to slow the conference organizers from scheduling in late April/early May or October…

Sue HawkesWhat 3 Conferences in a Week Will Teach You #60

Hearing Versus Listening #59

by Sue Hawkes

Hearing Versus Listening #59 What happens when you have something important, pressing, vital or interesting you are eager to share with someone and they don’t really pay attention? Even worse, what happens when they hear you, play along and seem to be with you, but they’re not? You know the drill, when someone is there, making eye contact, seemingly interested…

Sue HawkesHearing Versus Listening #59

Engagement is Easy #58

by Sue Hawkes

Engagement is Easy #58 For most busy people, we justify our actions by the number of items crossed off a list, the number of events attended, the number of tasks we can complete in a day. While we’re busy doing all we do, we encounter other people. Whether we are multitasking, searching our devices, reading a paper, looking at a…

Sue HawkesEngagement is Easy #58

Add More Value #57

by Sue Hawkes

Add More Value #57  In Blog #56, I talked about inspiration and motivation. One of the points I made was that you should recognize people exceeding expectations. At a recent talk about core values, I made the point that core values set the bar for how people participate with you and your team at work.   It is what gets you the…

Sue HawkesAdd More Value #57

12 Ways to Inspire Your Team #56

by Sue Hawkes

12 Ways to Inspire Your Team #56 There’s a big difference between inspiration and motivation. As a leader, your job is inspiration. You are the one who has to dig down, find the goodness and communicate it even when the circumstances around you suggest otherwise. Your message is always about what’s possible, where we’re going, not where we are and…

Sue Hawkes12 Ways to Inspire Your Team #56

You Can’t Have Both #55

by Sue Hawkes

You Can’t Have Both #55 If you want a different answer, you must ask a different question. When you’re “stuck” anywhere in life – your business or career, a relationship, your health, your finances, your free time or your family – if you want to see something different, you need to ask new questions. Bigger questions, bolder, challenging questions. These…

Sue HawkesYou Can’t Have Both #55