Tell Them #288

by Sue Hawkes

It’s at times like these where we need to laugh, be inspired, and find joy, peace, and fulfillment in the daily rituals and simplicities of life. Be sure to take a pause from looking at what you can’t do, what the news says, and what’s challenging you and your team or family. During this pause, ask yourself: What can I…

Sue HawkesTell Them #288

Under Or Over, You Choose #287

by Sue Hawkes

During turbulent times, as a business leader, we must become the voice of reason amidst a sea of noise. What I’ve repeatedly discussed over the past several days with CEOs across the country is the notion of instilling confidence and optimism when the circumstances and conditions around us don’t support it. Leaders are born and must rise during times like…

Sue HawkesUnder Or Over, You Choose #287

What Can You Do? #286

by Sue Hawkes

Right now, in our ever-changing world, this is the question I ask most often. When I see or hear changes, I ask myself, “what can I do to help?” So much of what’s happening with clients, colleagues, family, friends, our communities, and the world feels out of our control, and it really is. When you ask what CAN I do,…

Sue HawkesWhat Can You Do? #286

I’m Ready, Willing, and Able To Help #285

by Sue Hawkes

This prayer is borrowed from Alcoholics Anonymous. I’m not in recovery, though I am familiar with and appreciate many of the traditions. The Seventh Step Prayer helps me navigate my ego as well as challenging times like these. I wanted to share it in the event it would inspire someone else today: The Seventh Step Prayer My Creator, I am…

Sue HawkesI’m Ready, Willing, and Able To Help #285

Life Prep For a Pandemic #284

by Sue Hawkes

I didn’t realize growing up with depression era parents prepared me for a pandemic. In our house, we have enough supplies. While I believe we work hard and try to do the right thing, my husband and I are both from humble backgrounds. My parent’s practices offered great training for today’s world and I’m grateful. Here are some of the…

Sue HawkesLife Prep For a Pandemic #284

10 Tips To Thrive In Tough Times #283

by Sue Hawkes

Self-preservation in turbulent times is sometimes a lot to ask. What can you do to manage your mindset as we’re asked to practice social distancing? Self-care is a must. Read more. If it’s been a while, indulge. You can learn or go on a journey in a book. Practice great self-care. Drink water, exercise/manage stress with activity, meditate, journal (gratitude…

Sue Hawkes10 Tips To Thrive In Tough Times #283

10 Tips to Remain Healthy During Turbulent Times #282

by Sue Hawkes

We’re facing chaotic times and are in uncharted territory. How will you create calm during chaos? As a leader, what helps you stay present, healthy, and nimble as things are changing by the moment? Here are some practices to help you more effectively stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit as we navigate the challenges ahead: Listen and reframe what’s…

Sue Hawkes10 Tips to Remain Healthy During Turbulent Times #282

Chaos Offers Opportunities # 281

by Sue Hawkes

I reached a breaking point last week. The chaos of Coronavirus and its impact was just too much. My mood reflected that frustration, sadness, sense of loss of control, fear, and anxiety. It wasn’t working for me. I was less than productive and stuck. And that’s when it happened. I re-framed my mindset. I reminded myself it’s easy to lead when…

Sue HawkesChaos Offers Opportunities # 281

Your Circle #280

by Sue Hawkes

You are the total of the six people you spend the majority of your time with. If you haven’t heard this phrase, consider it. As I consider my own life, those six people absolutely influence my habitual behavior. We all need a cast of characters who support, uplift, and challenge us. People who care enough to be honest and help…

Sue HawkesYour Circle #280

It’s A Choice #279

by Sue Hawkes

We endorse what we tolerate. When you complain about another person’s behavior (or your own) and it becomes a recurring message over time, pay attention. Clearly, it can’t be too bad or you would do something about it. Have you: Asked the person about what’s occurring to learn more and shift your worldview about it? Interrupted the behavior(s) and requested/suggested…

Sue HawkesIt’s A Choice #279