6 Questions To Change Your Perspective #298 

by Sue Hawkes

If you read yesterday’s blog, don’t worry, my rant is over…for now.   One of the tools I use to move through my frustration and feeling of lack of control (other than a blog rant, which I recommend) is a series of 6 questions I now use to meditate and journal on with frequency. I owe much thanks to my dear, wise…

Sue Hawkes6 Questions To Change Your Perspective #298

Say Thank You And Stay Home #297 

by Sue Hawkes

Wow, it’s amazing how time changes when you are “staying in place.” March only lasted 855 days!  We’ve been quarantined about three weeks now opting to act more on the conservative side as my husband is in healthcare working in the petri dish called The Hospital. The likelihood of him experiencing COVID-19 is in the 40-80% range…if that’s a range. Nevertheless, we decided we’d be better trying…

Sue HawkesSay Thank You And Stay Home #297

Spreading Joy Challenge #296 

by Sue Hawkes

Will you join me? It’s goofy, crazy and serves no purpose other than spreading joy.   Here it is:  Choose a song to lip sync, make it a favorite. Record at least one minute, that way if any of us need a quick laugh, we’ve got it. Feel free to do the full song as well.  Invite others you are quarantined with, your work team, your…

Sue HawkesSpreading Joy Challenge #296

Spreading Joy #295 

by Sue Hawkes

What if we all dedicated one hour every day to joy.   What would you do? Who would you do it with? How would you think about it?  Would you turn it into a task or surrender into it, while remembering all the things over a lifetime you’ve laughed about, don’t make enough time for, stopped doing, or have forgotten.  Think of the things you…

Sue HawkesSpreading Joy #295

It’s A Reset #294 

by Sue Hawkes

While we navigate the new normals of home officing, home schooling, virtual meetings, learning the new way we’re working short term (and likely beyond), we are all pivoting throughout our days.  Are you taking care of yourself? I’m talking with leaders non-stop who tell me they are busier now than ever, overeating, needing to move/exercise more, and they live with an undercurrent of stress…

Sue HawkesIt’s A Reset #294

A Checklist For Working From Home #293 

by Sue Hawkes

Many leaders are discussing how to effectively work from home. So many that I’ve compiled a checklist. Please use this as a baseline to share, and add your thoughts in the comments.  Do you have dedicated space to work in your home?  Do you have structured hours to work and then to return back to home, family and self?  Do…

Sue HawkesA Checklist For Working From Home #293

The Quieter Side Of Life #292 

by Sue Hawkes

When all is said and done, we can adapt. The new normal isn’t better or worse, it’s what it is for now.  Things will change, not always at the pace we’re experiencing right now, but they will. Change is constant.  When you accept what is, stop arguing with reality, and step into what’s happening, it can inform you.  You can…

Sue HawkesThe Quieter Side Of Life #292

The Fatigue Is Real #291

by Sue Hawkes

As most of us are managing an immense amount of change at a staggering pace right now, what can you do to energize yourself daily? Structure Create some. Whether you are a pro at working from home or not, you need a dedicated space, a schedule, breaks, and discipline in your day. Are you getting enough activity? Schedule it in.…

Sue HawkesThe Fatigue Is Real #291

What If? #290

by Sue Hawkes

What if, amidst all the chaos, change, challenge, pain, worry, and doubt, we could surrender and rise above it all and ask ourselves; if this pandemic could teach us something, what would it be? What is the greater lesson beyond survival? Perhaps, if we can surrender, this is an opportunity to truly come together. No one person has the answer,…

Sue HawkesWhat If? #290

5 Things We’re Learning In Our House During These Unprecedented Times #289

by Sue Hawkes

The gifts of social distancing far outweigh the costs. I’m busy restructuring life as it works now. We’re eating healthier, enjoying cooking and eating meals without a rush and connecting more with friends, family, and our community. When there’s time available, you can do all the things you’ve been meaning to! We’ve accomplished more in the past several days, with…

Sue Hawkes5 Things We’re Learning In Our House During These Unprecedented Times #289