Renewed Values After Diagnosis

by Sue Hawkes

My friend Amy Ronneberg, CFO of Be the Match/National Marrow Donor Program, is a true inspiration. In addition to her roles as CFO, Board member, mom and marathoner, Amy also has added cancer survivor to her list. In this month’s “Inspiring Women” column Amy shares how cancer transformed the way she leads.  “Amy has been driven to be the best…

Sue HawkesRenewed Values After Diagnosis

YESS! Newsletter February 2017

by Sue Hawkes

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders With all that is currently going on in our world, I’ve been thinking about how the next generation will lead. What will they do in the business realm? The larger social realm? It’s up to us to be and build the leaders for our collective future. We must expose those we lead (including family, work and community)…

Sue HawkesYESS! Newsletter February 2017

Leaving a Leadership Legacy

by Sue Hawkes

If you own a business or are on the leadership team of a business, you’re tasked with strategically defining what the future of your business will look like. Who will lead it into the future as you and your leadership team think of future transitions? How will you grow? What are you missing in terms of innovation, talent, information, processes…

Sue HawkesLeaving a Leadership Legacy

Building Leaders for a Fluid Tomorrow

by Sue Hawkes

Client Highlight: ThreeBridge’s Boom Lab As a division of ThreeBridge Solutions, Boom Lab “builds and supports the careers of high-performing consulting professionals while providing project delivery and SAP solutions to Fortune 500 and 100 clients in nearly every industry in the Midwest,” shares Managing Partner Charlie Anderson. In a world that is changing rapidly, Boom Lab is building the next…

Sue HawkesBuilding Leaders for a Fluid Tomorrow

Guided by Tenacity and Gratitude

by Sue Hawkes

For this month’s “Inspiring Women” column I reached out to Susan Denk, owner of White Crane Construction, because I’ve known her in many capacities over the years and have always been impressed by her leadership abilities. We are both WPO Chapter Chairs and have been clients of each other as well – Susan is a joy to work with and a…

Sue HawkesGuided by Tenacity and Gratitude

Feedback Should Make You Better, Not Bitter

by Sue Hawkes

How to Combine Feedback and FeedForward to Improve Performance When most of us hear the word “feedback,” our minds go to a place of discomfort, possibly even dread. Our palms may start to sweat as we mentally replay all the tasks we’ve worked on lately, just waiting to hear what we’ve done wrong. Sounds familiar, right? But feedback is really…

Sue HawkesFeedback Should Make You Better, Not Bitter

Begin Again

by Sue Hawkes

As we approach the new year, it’s common to set resolutions for what you want to change and improve. We get motivated and usually stay on track for a while. Then, a few weeks into the new year, you’re asked how those resolutions are going. “What resolutions!?,” you say. It seems inevitable when we create goals for ourselves that more often…

Sue HawkesBegin Again

The Wisdom of Sandy Hansen-Wolff

by Ali Stieglbauer

Sandy Wolff, CEO of AgVenture Feed & Seed, shared her wisdom with Sue on the latest episode of the “Inspiring Women” podcast. Sandy discusses why she believes this is the time for women, how to move with flow instead of force, and the importance of empty space for concentrated thought. Listen to the full podcast below. 

Ali StieglbauerThe Wisdom of Sandy Hansen-Wolff

You Can Do It: Julie Allinson

by Ali Stieglbauer

Julie Allinson, the irreverent and slightly jaded founder of eyebobs, shared the mic with Sue for another episode of the “Inspiring Women” podcast. She shares why her advice to anyone is “you can do it,” how she built her own small town at eyebobs, and what inspires her signature style. Listen to the full podcast below.

Ali StieglbauerYou Can Do It: Julie Allinson

Collaborative Change Agent

by Sue Hawkes

I was honored to feature my friend, Mahtab Rezai of Crux Collaborative, in my “Inspiring Women” column for Minnesota Business magazine. The fact that her feature appeared in the “Women Who Lead” issue was no accident; I admire Mahtab as a leader both personally and professionally. Collaboration is Mahtab’s leadership style and she works to bring people together around solutions.…

Sue HawkesCollaborative Change Agent