A Checklist For Working From Home #293 

by Sue Hawkes

Many leaders are discussing how to effectively work from home. So many that I’ve compiled a checklist. Please use this as a baseline to share, and add your thoughts in the comments.  Do you have dedicated space to work in your home?  Do you have structured hours to work and then to return back to home, family and self?  Do…

Sue HawkesA Checklist For Working From Home #293

The Quieter Side Of Life #292 

by Sue Hawkes

When all is said and done, we can adapt. The new normal isn’t better or worse, it’s what it is for now.  Things will change, not always at the pace we’re experiencing right now, but they will. Change is constant.  When you accept what is, stop arguing with reality, and step into what’s happening, it can inform you.  You can…

Sue HawkesThe Quieter Side Of Life #292

What Will You Do Today? #228

by Sue Hawkes

What Will You Do Today? #228 Happy New Year! Is it a time of resolutions, new beginnings, possibility and the frenzy of getting back to work after the holiday break? Or is it something else. For me, there were several years the New Year was a time of grieving, somber moments and reflection. It was a time of Winter inside…

Sue HawkesWhat Will You Do Today? #228

Motivation Is An Inside Job #187

by Sue Hawkes

Motivation is an Inside Job #187 A goal is not enough. It’s important, but it won’t motivate you when things are tough. How do you find your mojo if you really want to attain something but your mood isn’t supporting you? You can use external means: Great music, a quote, YouTube, a book – all for inspiration Work with someone…

Sue HawkesMotivation Is An Inside Job #187

Where Is The Music? #179

by Sue Hawkes

Where Is The Music? #179 Recently, I was reminded of a great quote commonly attributed to Miles Davis. The quote states, “the music is in the space between the notes.” But the quote is from Claude Debussy. Space affords us the opportunity to witness beauty. Have you ever seen the moon rise? It’s an incredible experience when you can sit…

Sue HawkesWhere Is The Music? #179